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But what IS a QR Code?

Here is a real live example of a QR code... QR stands for "Quick Response." Smartphone owners simply scan a QR code, press enter, and they are immediately taken to the website, the app, the online information the QR code links to!

QR Codes solve the biggest problem with mobile devices... "Fat Finger Syndrome!" - No more need to type, smartphone users just scan and tap!

Just look around you.

We are only at the beginning. You'll start to see QR codes everywhere. Even Coca Cola™ and Nike™ have embraced this technology! They are starting to appear on all kinds of packages at retail stores, printed materials, direct mail, coupons, and more!

And this is just the beginning!

This is NOT the wave of the future... this is in fact RIGHT NOW... don't be left out!

Don't have a QR Code Scanner on your smartphone yet?

There are many QR code scanners available in the App marketplaces for your particular smartphone. ...But we've put together a list of ones that work well on different smartphone platforms. Please register for instant access to these systems!

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Once your QR code is created, you can right-click the image and save it to your hard drive. We will also send you an email with your QR code attached. Watch for an email with subject line "Name, Attached is your New QR code." (check your spam folder!)


On the next page after you submit, we'll help you market and distribute your QR code! Be sure to use our "Go Viral" tools on the next page, where we make it easy to share your QR code on any or all of your favorite social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, etc. and even send it via email to all your contacts with just a couple clicks!... we will help you get the word out fast!


It's important for you to know that once your QR code is created you can blow it up into virtually any size you want or shrink it to a size small enough to accomodate a business card, and everything else in between. A point of information for you, over 1.3 million Android based smartphones are being activated per day... and that doesn't even count Apple's iPhone, which isn't far behind! And, just recently, we reached the point where more than 50% of all internet traffic now originates from smartphones! This is incredible, and a major game changer! If you are not part of this phenomenon you will lose out on what's happening!



It's easy! Simply fill out the form above. Provide your info, select the type of QR code, and input the QR code parameters.Your custom QR code will be created instantly!


You can select from three different QR code options. Each one will perform a different behavior when the smartphone user scans it with their phone. Here's how each one works:



This is the most common QR code usage. This is used to simply launch a smartphones web browser and take the user to a specific webpage.You can direct the user to any web page you wish. Can be used to provide product information, launch your main website from a sign in a storefront window, provide a coupon on a point of purchase display, in a print ad for more information.... the possibilities are endless!


Virtual Business Card

This is a must have and it's Free from us!

Use this QR code to load all of your contact information into a users smartphone when they scan the code. The code will launch the users address book and your information will be "populated" and ready to save. The name and email address you provide at top of the QR form will automatically be included as part of your VBC. From your smartphone you can also share your Virtual Business Card/QR Code with other smartphone users. You can even print the QR code directly on your physical business cards so all your contact needs to do is scan the QR code and save your info to their phone! (Note: some smartphones may not capture all contact information from a VBC QR code.)

Your Virtual Business Card does NOT have to be just for business!

It can be for personal use too! Showing your friends, family, etc. a QR code (which you can store right on your phone) is much easier than having them type out all your contact information everytime you want to exchange numbers! So, when you fill out your Virtual Business Card info above, just provide the information you want your friends, family, etc to see when you give them your QR code....


Phone Number

This is a special QR code that, when scanned, will automatically launch a smartphone's "Phone" feature and preload your phone number so that all the user needs to do is tap "Call" on their phone to immediately dial your number!

Your Phone QR code can go to your company's phone, or your personal number, or any phone number you desire. Example of a way to promote this QR code: Scan this QR code to be connected immediately to me (or us) (or customer service)

For your Phone Number QR code just select from the dropdown above the "Call Us Now" option.


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